Shipped Title: Everfling

Genre: Mobile Action/Puzzle
Role: Sole Developer- all design, art, and code
Description: A one-button game in which players navigate levels by orbiting circles and releasing to go straight. Simply completing levels requires mastery of the controls, but beating them fast enough to be awarded a gold medal requires careful planning and strategic thinking.
Available now for free on the Google Play Store.

Current Project: Foxtrot

Foxtrot Foxtrot
Genre: First Person Shooter
Role: Design and code, placeholder art
Description: A prototype first person shooter with an emphasis on player movement and positioning.

First person shooters are my favorite genre, but I avoided making my own for many years due to concerns about scope. After shipping Everfling, I decided to just go for it and make a prototype, using it as a opportunity to learn about juicyness, tight controls, and enemy AI design. As part of the design process, I'm analyzing the mechanics of AAA first person shooters like Destiny, Titanfall 2, and Dishonored 2, looking for the small details that make each action feel great.

A key feature of Foxtrot is the "Focus Mode", where instead of aiming down sights, the character takes perfect aim at the nearest enemy and tracks with aimbot-level precision. This allows me to design the game more around decision making, positioning, and using cool movement abilities than measuring how good the player's aim is.

It also has throwing knives, because throwing knives are cool.

Contract Work: Trigger Global

Alien AR
Aliens AR
Role: Programmer. Implemented AR tracking, helped design a Vuforia Target that blended with the environment, implemented game flow, UI, transitions, and logic. Tested full scale implementation. Researched and experimented with shaders and different methods to create a particle effect similar to those used in the film Promethus in real time.
Description: An Augmented Reality experience where the player comes face to face with a Xenomorph. Presented in the ODG booth at CES 2017.

Honda Dream Drive
Role: Programmer. Implemented and provided design feedback on Troll Rescue game portion of experience. Also worked on implementing art and creating effects and animations to add polish alongside other programmers.
Description: A Virtual Reality experience where the player takes a virtual ride around Las Vegas, imagining a life with content-connected autonomous vehicles. Presented in the ODG booth at CES 2017.

Global Game Jam 2016: Lich's Brew

Lich's Brew
Genre: 2D Local Multiplayer Party Game
Role: Lead designer and programmer
Description: A frantic 2D local multiplayer game in which players take turns creating elaborate rituals and trying to copy them.

Created by a team of 2 programmers, 2 artists, and 1 audio designer/composer in 40 hours at USC. The team members had not met before the start of the jam, but we worked well together and created a very fun and surprisingly well-polished game. It was a joy working with such talented developers.